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Liquid Coffee Extracts

100% Arabica beans and filtered artesian well-water, means the Autocrat Coffee “On Demand” system is ideal for food service providers and other locations that do not want the inconvenience of traditional brewers.

Endless Cups of Coffee: You can have virtually endless cups of fresh and delicious coffee using our simple, clean, and efficient brewing process. Serving time is immediate, there is not delay.

Easy: There are no small bags to open, or brew baskets to mess with, there are not even the messy grounds to dispose of into the trash. No frozen cases of  product to store, defrost or monitor. Our shelf-stable bag-in-box installs easily into dispensing equipment.

Excellence: Autocrat uses fresh roasted 100% Arabica beans and filtered Artesian well-water. The distillation of the coffee essence even goes through a centrifugal process to take small particles out of the coffee essence for a cleaner coffee and it keeps the brew systems from clogging.

Autocrat Coffee on Demand is made with state-of-the art extractor and provides the richest, most reliable flavor. Choose Autocrat Premium, a medium roast coffee; or the Bold Roast, which is a slightly darker roast with a deep, rich flavor; or the Sumatra Blend an exotic blend with full body and dark roast flavor. More than a century of coffee expertise goes into every cup.

Eliminate waste:  Since each cup is prepared when needed there is no coffee to go stale, or be thrown away at the end of the day. There is also no shrinkage due to theft because there is no convenient way to prepare it or remove it from your facility.

Consistent: Every cup is the same as the last.

Benefits compared to other "Coffee on Demand" systems

  • Convenience/quality - Autocrat is held at room temperature, no more frozen boxes to store, or defrost. Frozen product not thawed in time, means no coffee when you need it. Or, if not thawed all the way, it is inconsistent, first too strong then too weak, and it may lead to throwing product away which is expensive.
  • Healthier by design - Now you don’t need to be concerned if the product was stored at the right temperature by the distributor, or at your facility. Plus the other systems require heat and refrigeration in the same brewer cabinet, and that is conducive to mold, bacteria and pest problems.
  • Environmentally better - Frozen & refrigerated products require extra equipment and extra energy. Autocrat means less packaging than the traditional coffee supplies which use small bags and boxes. The manufacture even takes the residual coffees from the original process and converts it to a fuel source.
  • Cleaner - Frozen bags of the other “Coffee On Demand” systems can crack open if they are dropped in shipping. Then these same damaged bags create a horrible mess when the product defrosts in your refrigerator.
  • Greater Capacity - Other systems use smaller hot water tanks (2 1/2 gallons vs. 4 ½.) There is no reason to ever run out of coffee when you need it. Our system allows you to choose power sources. A standard outlet (110V) for standard demand, or 220V for high capacity.

Environmental Benefit

Coffee on Demand conveniently provides superb quality coffee while creating far less waste than traditional coffee, or coffee by the cup brewers. This saves you time and money and helps your company become more environmentally conscious.

Coffee On Demand

Most Beneficial

Ground Coffee

Less Beneficial

Single Cup Coffee

Least Beneficial

Reduced packaging for 500 cups: Only 2 bags of extract contents

500 Cups: Equals 65 – 2.5 oz bags


500 Cups:


Total of 3 recyclable boxes

Total of 1 recyclable box

Total of 2 recyclable boxes

The roaster, Autocrat, sends the grinds to the agricultural industry as fertilizer.

10 lbs of ground coffee
2.5 gallons of absorbed water


Spent grounds
Absorbed water

No direct coffee waste.

Approximately 20% of old coffee is poured down the drain.

No direct coffee waste.


65 non-recyclable filters.

Depending on the type of single Cup system either 500 foil and plastic single serve containers, or filter tape for 500 cups from a bulk single cup machine.

Total Waste Weight
4 ounces

Total Waste Weight
32 pounds

Total Waste Weight
47 pounds

Coffee on Demand Equipment

Bunn: LCA-2            Liquid Coffee Ambient - 2 Shuttle Brewer

Mastercraft recommends this system for the high volume requirements many clients desire.bunn lca-2

- Attractive appearance and narrow 12"w x 25"d x 31"h dimensions. (15 amps typical)
- Dispense over 125-5oz. cups per hour with 120 V, 15 amp electrical connection or over 500- 5 oz. cups per hour with 240 volt / 30 amps.
- Uses .5 gallon (1.9 litre) and most 1 gallon (3.8 litre) bag-in-box (BIB) containers.
- Insulated product cabinet assures maximum product life.
- Refill or rinse LED lights alert the operator for concentrate or cleaning.
- Versatile multi-volt (120 volt/15 amp, 208 volt/30 amp) electrical design operates at either 50 or 60 hertz.
- FlavorGard™ technology continuously monitors extract-to-water ratio and assures flavor consistency.
- One touch portion control available, LCA-2 PC.
- Cost: FREE

Bunn: LCA-2 LP      Liquid Coffee Ambient - Low Profile Brewer

This is the reccomended system when space is tight or you have a smaller population.

bunn lca-2 lpFeatures

- Attractive appearance with a shorter profile at  16"w x 21"d x 23 1/2"h . (12 amps)
- Dispense over 120 (5oz.) cups per hour.
- Accommodates two .5 gallon bag-in-box (BIB).
- Serves two coffee products and hot water
- Refill LED lights alert the operator when more concentrate is needed.
- Rinse LED lights alert the operator cleaning is needed.
- Set up for the continuous dispense (by the cup) for self-serve applications or portion-control to fill cups or carafes.
- Cost: FREE


HLF - 1000L              Liquid Coffee Ambient - Single Cup System

This Single Cup System using the liquid coffee extracts is ideal when you want maximum choices and convenience. Client involvement is minimal because the capacity of the concentrate is so high and requires no special handling of the product. It is also the most dependable of all single cup bulk systems because the direct brew process has very few moving parts.HLF-1000L


Sophisticated Italian Design, with Stainless steel fronts
- 2 internal canister for milk and chocolate
- 8 menu selections available
- Choose your coffees strength: Extra Long (mild), Long (regular),  Strong
- Fast brew times: Even at 110 V,
    * Coffee: 12 seconds, 300 cups per hour
    * Chocolate:15 seconds, 240 cups per hour
    * Cappuccino: 18 seconds, 200 cups per hour
    * Reduce the brew times above by 50% for 220V
- Capable of brewing carafes too
- Energy Saving function

Options – Options will affect lease cost

  • Coin operation.
  • Cup Sensor
  • Cup raiser
  • Customize front panel


  • 13.5"w x 21"d x 26 1/2"h . (12 amps)
  • Available with 110 or 220 volts.
  • Drip Tray – 1.5 litres

Lease Cost – No options

  • $75 per month
  • 36 month lease
  • Inquire for options costs

Menu #1

  • Regular Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha (hot chocolate & coffee)
  • Hot water
  • Hot Chocolate with Cream
  • Mochaccino (hot chocolate with frothed cream)
  • Latte (coffee with frothed cream)
  • Cappuccino (coffee with “extra” frothy cream)

Menu #2

  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Regular Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Hot water

* Both set ups offer the regular, long, and extra long coffee strength options

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