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flavia coffeeWith over 30 drink options including Frothy Cappuccino, Mochaccinos and Chococcinos, there’s no need to leave the office. Thanks to the innovative FLAVIA Technology, this cutting edge station brews direct from pack to cup, for a fresh taste not matter the previous brew. That means your French Roast doesn’t taste like her Japanese Green Tea and vice versa.

FLAVIA drinks stations with patented technology brew directly from pack to cup. This means each drink is fresh and untainted from the previous brew. A unique Brew-by-Pack technology that pioneered the single-serve category!

Stir up your mood the Flavia way with a full range of coffee roasts and strengths, from an extra kick of assertive zip to a mug of leisurely paradise.


Have you been naughty or nice? Reward yourself either way with these rich, heavenly expressions of pure pleasure and delight.

Savor the flavor of our freshest leaf teas from around the world to suit every occasion from traditional full-bodied brews to light, subtle blends.


Nurture your mind, body and soul with an inspiring selection of delicious, harmonious and invigorating drinks.

Equipment by FLAVIA

Creation 400 

Creation 400 is the newest full size Flavia model, replacing the S350. It is easier to use with the new interactive screen. The new sophisticated style is an asset in any décor.
This is the model to use if you are interested in Indulgent Creations. It is ideal for locations with more than 50 people.


Drink Volume Per Cup:            4-10 oz. LCD screen lets you choose.
Serving Speed:                        Standard Drinks - 30 seconds     
                                                Indulgent Creations - 60 seconds.
Bin Capacity for Filterpacks:    Brewer body only: 24
                                                Mini-cabinet: 250
                                                Base Cabinet: 700+
Brewer Weight:                        Drink Station = 23 lbs   
                                                Merchandiser = 29.5 lbs
Merchandiser Capacity:             700+ drinks
Brewer Dimensions:                     9.9”  wide x 20.5” deep x 17” high
Merchandiser Dimensions:        21.8” wide x 16” deep x 16.2” high
Base Cabinet:                              36.6”  wide x 24.4” deep x 34.5” high
Mini-Cabinet:                                 13” wide x 20” deep x 11” high
Water Supply:                                Plumbed or Pour Over
Power Supply:                                  120V, 60 Hz, 14 amps, Cord is 78” long


  • Provides gourmet coffee, fresh leaf teas, wellbeing drinks, or indulgent creations one cup at a time.
  • Drinks are brewed direct from the pack into the cup, with no crossover of flavor between drinks.
  • Reliable and convenient, no cleanup, no mess.
  • Unique style is designed to fit on the counter & under cabinets.
  • User friendly LCD panel. 

Creation 200flavia creation 200

Creation 200 is the newest Flavia model, replacing the SB100, for the offices with 20 to 50 people.

This means indulgent drinks like rich Dove Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Latte Swirl, Milky Way Swirl and other delicious drinks are now ready any time and any place.


Drink Volume Per Cup:          5.4 -10 oz.  
Serving Speed:                      35 seconds standard drinks* 
Bin Capacity/Filterpacks:       Brewer body only: 0
Brewer Weight:                      Drink Station: 15 lbs         
                                              Merchandiser: 29.5 lbs
Brewer Dimensions:               9.4”  wide x 15.6” deep x 15.5” high
Pay Pod Dimensions:             3.5” wide x 14.5” deep x 16.3” high
Merchandiser Dimensions:       21.8” wide x 16” deep x 16.2” high

Merchandiser Capacity:         700+ drinks (A smaller merchandiser is available.)
Water Supply:                            Plumbed or pour over
Power Supply:                            120V, 60 Hz, 14 amps, Cord is 78” long


  • Internal Waste Container: None; each pack must be disposed of individually.
  • Coin Acceptance: Possible, accepts $.05, $.10, $.25 coins and Flavia tokens. No change is given. Key operated Free/Pay switch.
  • Selections Available: Provides gourmet coffee, fresh leaf teas, wellbeing drinks, or indulgent creations one cup at a time.
  • No Cross Contamination: Drinks are brewed direct from the pack into the cup, with no crossover of flavor between drinks.
  • Reliable and convenient, no cleanup, no mess.
  • Low Profile: Designed to fit on the counter & under cabinets.
  • LCD Panel: No LCD panel interface


Coffees by FLAVIA 

Why settle for one when you can 
sample your way around the globe?

“You can please some of the people all of the time. You can please everyone, some of the time. But you cannot please everyone all of the time.”  Until Now…Flavia!

Huge Choices:
Dark Roast Coffees, Medium Roast, Single Origin Coffees, Flavored Coffees, Decafinated Coffees.

There is even a handy scaled ranking on the front bottom of each package identifying the strenth of each coffee. On the back is a discription of each roast and coffee.


Light & Smooth 100 count

Alterra House Blend    

Morning Roast             

Cost Rica                      


Medium & Bright 100 count

Ethiopian Blend        

Artisian Roast             

Foundry Blend               


Donut Shop                  


Dark & Intense 100 count

Espresso Roast             


Barista’s Blend              

French Roast                

Steel Horse Pure robust coffee & circulation supporting flavanols.  80 count     


Flavored Coffee 100 count

French Vanilla              



Decaffeinated Coffee 100 count

Alterra House Blend Decaf             

French Roast Decaf   


Indulgence by FLAVIA indulgence by flavia

Indulgence Drinks are a crown jewel for Flavia. 

You and your staff and enjoy the exotic temptations available at your favorite coffee shop. You mix & match!

Fabulous Froth Mocha
Try Alterra Coffee Roasters new Fabulous Froth Mocha to make the perfect mocha and indulge yourself with a perfect Mocha without leaving the office!

Dove Hot Chocolate
Premium cocoa carefully blended to create a rich, creamy, European Hot Chocolate drink.

Fabulous Froth Origingal 
Combine with any coffee for a personalized, authentic Flavia Cappuccino. Add to Exotic Chai for a tantalizing Chai Latte! Marry it with Choco for a frothy Chcoccino. Or create a unique 2 pack cocktail.

Exotic Chai
Spirits need a lift? Rise to the occasion with tantalizing tastes of cinnamon, clove and ginger in this rich, Exotic Chai.

Leaf Teas by FLAVIA leaf teas by flavia

Americans have discovered Leaf Teas and now appreciate the subtle sophisticated taste. Come and explore the variety
Earl Gray
Earl Gray is a mild tea, that is not just for traditionalists.  Savor the full, smooth flavor of this real leaf tea from Kenya.

English Breakfast
A classic tea with an aroma derived from Bergamot oil.It’s too good not to share!

Decaffinated Tea
Enjoy Delicious, authentic leaf tea, without the caffeine.

Wellbeing by FLAVIAwellbeing by flavia

Wellbeing drinks provide the health benefits we all need to live the lives we desire!

Lemon Calm
A delicious blend of rosehips, apples and lemon peels to create a soothing, relaxing infusion. Naturally caffeine free.

Select Green Tea
Light body, balanced, sweet and vegetative with subtle nutty notes.

Green Tea with Jasmine

Pure green tea from the mountains of China combined with the scent of jasmine flowers. The antioxidants in this tea help to neutralize free radicals. Make this tea part of your healthy lifestyle!

Raspberry Spark
Perk up with this Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng tea – ingredients used for thousands of years to provide an invigorating and refreshing lift.  A delicious raspberry lemon tea which is all natural and caffeine free.

Peppermint Herbal
Fresh, clean aroma with medium body. Bold peppermint flavor with chocolaty notes and a lingering cooling.

White Tea & Orange 
A balanced blend of white tea and orange flavors; smooth and light body, soft tea flavor with orange/citrus notes.

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